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Rain water storage, industrial, stormwater, septic waste systems


KP Concrete have been manufacturing high quality concrete tanks for the past 40 years in Auckland and have always been at the forefront of new developments in water storage systems.

KP Concrete Water tanks

NB: Operating within 150kms of Auckland

We specialise in the manufacture of high strength, cost effective water storage systems for use in :
  • Rain water for household /industrial use
  • Stormwater run-off attenuation, retention/detention
  • Septic waste water
All products are engineer designed, and PS1 documents are available.

Why a Concrete Tank?

Concrete as a material for construction of water tanks has been used for several generations in varying forms. It is a fact that of all the materials in use today, concrete has been proven to last more than a lifetime. Because concrete is made from naturally occurring materials and has low thermal conductivity, it is non toxic and provides a very cool dark environment in which to store water. This is a prime requisite for the storage of water without chemicals. Because it can be buried, it keeps water colder than any other structure.
Concrete is a very strong material when water storage tanks are properly designed and manufactured, they provide a rigid structure in which to store liquids. Strength and good design are essential because it is not often appreciated that 22,500 litres of water weighs 22.5 Tonnes. Impervious to damaging ultra violet rays of the sun, concrete requires little or no maintenance. Concrete represents excellent value for money when one considers that time has proven its performance beyond any doubt and that tanks properly manufactured in concrete are stronger, last much longer than alternative materials.

 Why a KP Concrete Tank

• Manufactured from high strength concrete
• Galvanised mesh wall construction for optimum strength with less weight
• Cool dark interior– ideal conditions for water storage
• All KP Concrete tanks are transported and placed into the hole by hiab truck

The KP 22,500L transportable water tank is the culmination of eight years research and development, both in New Zealand and overseas. The result is an extremely strong tank of pleasing proportions incorporating many features which are exclusive to KP tanks. Using the latest techniques, the tank is constructed in a precision steel mould using high strength ready mixed concrete, not the traditional three layer plaster system. The structure is topped off with a precast concrete roof, in which dependant on model, has been moulded the access hatch and breakout points for water inlets. On completion the tank is stored for curing and painting with Acrylic paint or external coating.

We are pleased to offer three different models, designed to cater for the different deployment scenarios. The Standard model for above ground or partial burying. The Flat Top model in two roof variants, In Ground and Under Driveway.

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