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Water storage tanks

KP Concrete water tanks

Water Storage Tanks

Water storage tanks are used for storing drinking water, also called potable water, which has been supplied from the roof catchment of a building and is then pumped back to supply all the water needs for that building. The capacity of water storage required is a factor of the number of people who will be using the supply, how they will be using it (sparingly or not, sporadically or constantly) and if there is a Fire Service requirement for permanent storage.

The normal minimum for more than two people is two 22,500L water tanks, to ensure top ups by tanker are not required during the summer months.

Ring us and our staff will advise you based on your specific requirements.

Types of Tank

We have three different types or models of tank. The Standard, the Flat Top In Ground and the Flat Top Under Driveway.

All three are 22,500L capacity, but are designed for different placement scenarios. The Standard water tank is designed to be above ground or partially buried up to 75% of it’s 2.3m wall height. This leaves about 400mm and the slanting pitch roof above ground. Easily hidden behind shrubs if desired. The Flat Top In Ground is designed to be completely buried with 300mm of soil above it. This is ideal when you are required by council to not have the water tanks visible, or you just don’t want to look at them and lose the section space. The Flat Top Under Driveway is designed to be completely buried under a trafficable are. ie driveway or car park. These tanks are always deployed with a Heavy Duty Cast iron lid and frame which are concreted into the driveway etc.

All of our tanks have been engineer designed and Producer Statement 1 documents are available when required.

Site Preparation and Warranty 

At K P Concrete we understand the advantage of being proactive. This is why we are happy to provide advice on tank location and site preparation especially for difficult or sloping sites. A site inspection is available at no cost to intending purchasers.

To be valid for warranty the hole created  is to be 4.1 metres square, the bottom of which is firm soil, flat and level. And on this area a 100 mm thickness of GAP 7 metal is spread as a bedding for the tank. This equates to approximately 1.5 cubic metres.

For sites where the tank is to be partially buried, care must be taken to ensure that the bottom of the site is well drained to prevent flotation of the tank (also know as hydrostatic lift) when it is empty. Where we know there may be water table issues, a special design concept can be employed to help prevent the flotation of the tank ( also know as hydrostatic lift). We call the concept “Flotation Rings”. Please ask our staff about this at the site inspection, if you think it may be applicable.

Standard Tank Specifications

Gross Capacity 22,500 litres; Weight 7260kg

Standard Fittings

  1. Inlet 90 x 3KP Concrete tanks Kumeu
  2. Inlet 110 x 3
  3. Overflow 80mm x 2
  4. Aux. Inlet/outlet 32mm x 1
  5. Outlet 32mm and drainage plug

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